Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I am noticing hardly any participation throughout the team, and do realize its Summer and we go on vacations and such. Unfortunately I have an upcoming wedding and will not be able to check on everything until afterwards but I am asking even if it is popping into a thread to post new items or participating in the Challenges each month please try and do so. We cannot continue with as many members as we have with only 20% of members participating. If you havent been active in awhile and know you wont be able to please remove your self from the team. Thanks

About the Weekly Challenge!
Vanessa needs more Treasuries.
There are only 3 shops that have made one for this challenge, (we have over 1200 members).

She has added a prize too:

Also, in an effort to up the interest in this Challenge, the winner when finally picked will also receive a pair of my gloves (your choice color and size) and a starter set of scrubbies. LET"S SEE THOSE BEAUTIFUL TREASURIES! GO, TEAM, GO!

Below is the link to the thread!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Facebook Featured Shops

Lately I have randomly been posting some of the wonderful shops on our team!
Here are two for today!!
Check out my Facebook page to see all the shops I am featuring!

Today I Featured:
Unique jewelry and gift ideas!


Also Featured:
One of a kind clocks!