Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I wanted to let everyone know I will be back in my full capacity October 13th. I had my Wedding, honeymoon and we are moving into our new house! Alot of exciting stuff!!
Wanted to let everyone know I have some great things planned for our wonderful team!
November 8-9th 9am-9pm Eastern we are having our TRADE EVENT. Its going to be lots of fun!! Great time to trade for Christmas gifts!!
Also I want to try and launch new events too!! Using social media more and get team members more involved with social media. Using social media to promote shops is a great way of helping get exposure to our team shops!!! I will be launching a new Twitter Team Page too!
I am also going to start a TEAM SERENITY facebook page!!
I started this team for bascially two reasons,
#1- to help eachother whether it be promotion, advice or just to support eachother.
#2- to have a fun place to meet other etsians and to be involved in games and promotion.

I encourage all team members to be involved and promote as much as possible.


Team Captain