Thursday, January 1, 2015


I started Team Serenity in April 2012, and I have new things in store for 2015!
I will be culling down members starting Jan. 1, 2015 and removing inactive members and shops that have closed.

Team Requirements:
1. The most important one is being able to cross promote at least on a monthly basis, I recommend weekly.
2. Also we do require nice photographed items, they don't need to be magazine ready, but we do not allow out of focus photos which do not showcase the item. Items will be shared on all our social media and you will be representing our team. We need cohesive nicely photographed items.
3. Yearly Team Check- in, each year I will start a new thread for all members to check in and if  I or the leaders do not hear from you and you haven't had activity for months you will be removed.

NEW for 2015
- The first thing I have decided to do is instead of having a monthly featured shop I will have a quarterly featured shop. Each quarter a new shop will be chosen and featured on the blog. I recommend each member reading about their shop and sharing it so we can get it seen.
If you would like your shop to be considered for this featured please post in the appropriate Etsy thread.

-I have started some new promotion threads.

  POST 2 FAV 10- which works really well on other teams, so I thought we will give it a shot.


  I started a thread where all team members can post their goals for 2015:

  POST 2 PROMOTE 2-       ref=team_page

We also have the TEAM FACEBOOK GROUP where you can post up to (7) items a day to showcase your items.

If you haven't done so already please become a fan of our Team Facebook Page:

We have a Team Pinterest Page for people who love to pin!


Please do not open threads. Any opened threads without prior approval will be removed. 

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